Saturday, May 10, 2008

Purpose of 5th Texas Cavalry Site

Hello and welcome to all who have entered here!

The purpose of this site is to raise awareness of the 5th Texas Cavalry Partisan Rangers...past and present. In this site you will find history on the Civil War Regiment known as Martin's Regiment as well as find out things about the present-day reenactment group that honors the brave men of the 5th Texas.

Our group is based out of Southern Ohio. We are a small group and are always open to have others join us...either 'for good' or just for the event at hand. We are a family friendly group and are willing to have the veteran or 'fresh fish' join our ranks of Rangers. We gather for fun, for making the public aware of the past so as to apply its lessons to today, and to enjoy each other's company while in period mode at the event. The only thing that we get uptight about is if someone is trying to limit the enjoyment that we have while at the varied events we attend! So come and join in the fun. If you seek a 'authentic campaign' experience you will need to keep looking. Maybe you should look for that in a museum or some such thing! While we take pride in our impression, we don't spend extra energies and monies on using only so-called exactly period items and expressions.


Carol Buckley Harty said...

Hi Brent,

Thanks for sending the link again. You have done a great job on the new banner. I think it is great. How does the rest of your group like the site? Bet they enjoy it as much as I do. Keep up the good work.


CSA Brent said...

Thanks for the comments, Dad. I don't think most of the guys have looked at it yet. Merle has dial up, so a blog like this is tough. I Gary has seen it. Herb and his wife haven't looked at it yet.

Thanks again Dad! bh