Monday, May 19, 2008

Sharon Woods - May 16-18, 2008

Sharon Woods was our first real event of the year. It was quite a nice site to do an event. And it was a very enjoyable weekend. I got to ride Travis, one of Merle's Tennessee Walkers. Saturday's battle was only the second time I rode Travis (third if you count the half hour ride before the event!) and I did fairly well. Merle and I went out riding about an hour before the event, and a few things Merle has been trying to teach me a while finally clicked. And then Travis and I had a real fine time on the Sunday battle. The infantry and artillery all did a great job as well. Just one of the best events that I've attended. A nice relaxing, fun battle - not just for spectators, but for reenactors as well!

Gary was absent due to sick horses, and Herb came as General Grant, although he didn't ride a horse during the battle. His wife Sydney was also on hand a Union foot soldier. Herb and Sydney had a guest who actually did cavalry during WW II. He was really a part of the last mounted men on horse. That's pretty cool stuff...having such a veteran in our midst! You can see him in pics below.
Merle and Herb

We also had a good Abraham Lincoln portrayer on hand. He recited for the crowd the Gettysburg Address. I also like that they called all the veterans up to honor them - reenactor and spectator. That was really great and fitting to honor these super Americans in this way.

The Gallant 5th Texas Partisan Rangers
Brent, Travis (falling in with us that day) and Merle. We had a great time, put on a good show and burned lots of powder pouring lead down on those Yanks foolish enough to march in range!

Surveying the flanks

Burning lots of is hanging heavy in the air!

Brent and Travis pouring some lead down on some hapless Yankee infantry

Putting fire on the Federals (that is almost a real cool pic!)

Waiting at the station after drawing the Federals up for our infantry hammer blow!

Ah, good - here come some more 'blue bellies' to shoot!

Decisions, Decisions!

The ever beautiful 'Old Glory' in resplendent battle honors of the 4th OVI Regiment advances to engage the Confederate infantry

Yanks are lined up and itchin' for a fight!

Tom and others watch on as our infantry advances on the foe

Our boys on the move to sweep the Yanks from the station.

Our boys under Polk's Flag, take back the station

Lots of fallen Yanks after their repulsed advance on the station

Travis (Tennessee Walker) and Richie (Standardbred) with their riders

Surveying the field after Yanks hold their original position

A happy Ranger - A good riding day on Travis!


Nathaniel said...

Travis is a cool looking horse.

Polk's flag is pretty cool looking too.

CSA Brent said...

Yea, Travis a beautiful horse. I also like Polk's flag as well. Lot's of neat flags in the Western Theatre or Transmisssippi.