Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Regimental & Company C Rosters & History

Well, I thought it would be good to have links to the 5th Texas Partisan Ranger Cavalry Regimental roster, as well as the company we portray, Company C. The person I chose to represent is 2nd Lieutenant Andrew J. Lewis. Of course, this is almost perfect for me, as my 3rd great Grandfather from the 8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment is 2nd Lieutenant Joseph G. Lewis. And there is also an Andrew Jackson Harty in my family line as well. Pretty cool stuff, eh?!

At any rate, just follow the links to an outside site of the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. You can also find the Regimental History, from Corporal Spoonemoore's point of view, if you follow the provided link. You can also see the Organizational History if you follow the provided link. Whoever put the original site up, great job. I have received no response from them, but wish to thank them for finding the research on this group.

Towards the end of the War, when enlistments were expiring, President Jefferson Davis called upon men to support their fledgling country still. This was the response of the Colonel Martin and his men.

Whereas the 5th Cavalry, Texas Partisan Rangers, having re-enlisted for the war, in obedience to a call from our congress, the following resolutions expressive of their sentiments and feelings are adopted:

First. That we, the officers and men of Martin's Regiment, do most heartily and willingly tender our unanimous services and cordial support to our country in vigorously prosecuting the present war so long as the footprints of the vandal pollutes the soil of our beloved South, pledging ourselves never to sheathe the sword nor lay down the musket until success shall crown our efforts and an honorable peace be proclaimed throughout our land.

Second. That we esteem it a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity afforded us to thus make known to our friends at home that we still are determined to protect the sanctity of their homes, honor, lives, and property from the ruthless hirelings of the north, or sacrifice our lives upon the altar of our country; to our comrades in arms that we are resolved to stand by them as friend to friend in battling for the great and glorious cause for which they are so nobly contending.

Third. That we tender to our commanding officers our hearty and cordial support in their efforts to drive the dastardly foe from our soil and in promoting the good and prosperity of our country.

L. M. Martin Chairman
Geo. White Secretary.

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