Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lebanon Train Robbery - May 30 to June 1st, 2008

Here are some pics from our recent event in Lebanon, OH. It was a small event as per reenactors, but there was a fair amount of spectators who loaded up on the train and and watched us burn some powder. There was about 10 infantry per side, and then we had some of our group play Union, (Gary, Herb and Rick) while Merle, myself, Bob and then a couple of guys I hadn't met before, Jeff and his son Nick rounded out the Confederate side. All of us riding are familiar with one another (well, I'm the new guy on the block...everyone else has fallen in together at several events), so it was a good time. The weather was a little on the warm side (and there was a real loud thunderstorm that we endured in the middle of Friday night!), but for a late Spring day, it was real nice!

Here is most all the cavalry in one shot...Herb, Jeff, Nick, Brent, Merle and Bob. We're just missing Gary and Rick. There are a few Yank infantry milling about. This is at the end of one of the battle when the infantry would put on a little talk and show for the crowd up close. Then spectators would come, pet the horses, ask questions about the War and so forth. So although we had no spectators in camp before and after battles, it was a nice way to still interact. I know Bethany had several good conversations with individuals as she took refuge from the sun under our dinning fly.

Herb, Brent and Jeff amidst a saber fight. Or as some like to say, the Dance of the Saber Fairies. Although saber fights amongst cavalry, and even cavalry charging into infantry lines, were very rare in the Civil War, it is a crowd favorite. Also it is fun for the reenactor!

Herb, Brent, Gary, Rick and finally Merle. Herb and Gary went Union at this event to balance out the Union number. Otherwise it would have been Rick against 6 Confederate cavalry!

Gary dueling with Brent.

Here is a good view of the spectators at the event. The small battle occurred in front of the them. Then the Yanks would come in and execute a few of their guys, have a drunken pistol fight maybe, and then get back on the train. You can see the head engine just behind them in the trees. There was a nice play structure for kids to play (our kids played on it all weekend!). It was a nice little spot for a nice little event.

Here is some nice chicken stew that Bethany cooked up for the kids and others. She and I didn't get to partake, as we are on a special nutrition plan at the time. But all said it was good and it sure looked good!

Here is a nice pic of Merle on his new reenactment horse, Ritchie - a Standardbred who is a recently retired buggy racer. He is a beautiful gelding with a lot of reenacting potential for Merle, as Ritchie is just a young fella still.

Here is a close up of Merle on Ritchie.

Here is Dave Koonce in his 'turncoat' talking to James O' Moore at the end of Sunday's last performance. Dave is the captain of the 5th Texas Infantry.

Bethany and Joe on the Train. The open air portion of the train was a lot of fun to ride. A five minute drive was a 30 minute ride on the train. There were seats in the cars of the train, but it was much cooler out back!

Brent With Battle Flag

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I posted a link to some letters written by Sgt Wesley W Bradly, Co B, 5th Tx Partisan Rangers while he was serving the cause.

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